Virtual reality game development

OData support
Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

One of the most widely used virtual reality (VR) game framework is Unity 3D. Unity is most importantly a tool that helps us develop games. With it’s help we already have some hard to carry out features in the palms of our hands. This way we don’t have to worry much about them. Instead we can start developing our project immediately. Unity also has built-in virtual reality support. We can freely choose between the available virtual reality platforms without the need to drastically change our project.

I decided to develop a virtual reality spaceship simulator game, because what can be more exciting than experiencing what an astronaut can see in space, and taking part in gripping space battles near an asteroid field.

My primary goal was to create an entertainig game, in which we can take part in fun space battles against competent enemies. For this I used my previous experience with the Unity framework.

The end result became an entertaining game filled with exciting scenarios and interesting simulations.

If the reader is as intrested in this topic as I was when I started working on the project hopefully - after reading this document - they will also want to create their own virtual reality game.


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