Virtual reality game development

OData support
Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of the thesis is to show how the virtual reality games are developed. I am going to present the history of the virtual reality. I provide you the basic information of the devices, which used to create virtual reality. Then the thesis describes the most current frameworks, which can be used for the game development. I chose one of them to show how you can use it to create cooperative game.

This game is played with Carboard headset and a wireless controller. The aim of the game is that the players need to escape from closed rooms, which can be achieved by cooperating with each other and solving puzzles. The maps can re-generate after each restarts for the re-playability.

You can learn the basics of the virtual reality game development starting from a blank project. The game uses network communication for synchronizing the client’s data. I am going to use a server and multiple client base architecture. I also present this implementation use a low-level network application programming interface.


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