Virtual world simulator for intelligent hunter and prey agents

OData support
Eredics Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The subject is creating a three dimensional virtual reality, in which the user can implement and simulate the behavior of agents. My thesis involves the construction and creation of said world. The construction phase includes working-out the basic specification. Here the outline of the world and the agents’ relation to it are taking shape. The technological decision confronts the question of the technology behind the 3D environment and also the programming language. In the openGL chapter I look into the workings of the openGL language. I am trying to find the answer to how I can use it efficiently. The next chapter is about the real implementation of the map with the use of openGL. This chapter also contains the creation of lights, the fog over the map and the graphical user interface as well. After all these there’s a chapter on the camera movement and types. Here we can get to know more about the agents, their abilities, parameters or attributes. The description on how an own application programming interface can be made follows, and the steps that I took creating mine. Here come the requirements of my API listed and finally the documentation of my methods and classes used in the API.


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