Green aspects of virtualization techniques

OData support
Horváth Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services


This essay’s goal, as it’s title says „Green aspects of the virtualization” is uncovering how the virtualization is decreasing the environmental impact of the IT infrastructure after it’s implementation. The virtualization in server environment means that some virtual machine can be running maybe wuth different operating systems and applications and with own dedicated resources. The virtual machines are separated from each other, running side by side, with little or no affect on each other’s performance. In native systems, the server utilization is about 10-20% which is very low, and the applications can’t run side-by side securely, because problems with only one application can cause whole system crash.

Consequently the main goals of using this technology are the consolidation, high resource utiliziation, running applications securely side by side, and additionally, reducing IT costs related with hardware and software, IT operations, administration, and downtime. At the same time the IT infrastructure with virtualization should be reliable, secure, avaliable with little downtime, easily managable and maintainable. In addition to this the performance loss should be as less as possible, if it is compared with the native environment”s performance. The leading manufacturers in virtualization like VMware makes an effort to realize it with new solutions. With server consolidation which means reducing the number of necessary physical servers, the power consumption will be less after virtualization. As a result of decreasing power consumption, the environmental impacts like CO2 emission will be reduced too.

In this essay, you can read about the basic methods of the virtualization, how much environmental impact can be prevented with virtualization, how does the virtualization appear in the datacenter nowadays and how much overhead can be caused by the virtualization in a test environment.


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