Analyzing the performance of enterprise software systems running in a virtualized environment

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology


The main purpose of my thesis is to analyze the performance of enterprise software systems running in a virtualized environment.

First I clear the definition of virtualization, present the properties, advantages and types of virtualization and compare the programs to server-side virtualization with the client-side ones. I present the most substantial settings and properties of SAP and QAD enterprise resource planning systems and the realization of these systems by the laboratory of Department of Electronics Technology at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I plan the monitoring system to save the performance datas from the server and client computers. During the monitoring the emphasis is laid upon the datas of processor, memory and disk usage.

After that I group the saved performance datas to chapters based on the recourse of the ERP system, which can be managed the enterprise raw datas, performed calculations, forecasts and analysis, managed and configured the database and programmed with ABAP. I set up models of the applied resources of server and client computers for each chapter and verify these models by analyzing the available saved performance datas.

After these analyses I search correspondences between the diagrams and graphs made from the performance datas using ordinary database methods and make conclusions of the amount of recoursed resource types.

I clear the definition of the overhead in a virtualized enviroment and calculate this value of the virtualized components of the laboratory’s infrastructure of the university compared to the offical documentations.

At the end I present the cloud computing services, the advantages of the dynamic properties of these services and determine the amount of resource availability that can be saved by using these cloud computing services.


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