Performance Optimization of Virtual Environments for Medical Applications

OData support
Dr. Benyó Balázs István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The 3D image reconstruction and -processing became a leading direction for nowadays in the medical diagnostic work: X-Ray used in dentistry, computer tomography in cancer treatment, ultrasound for maternity, etc. These image processing machines have to work reliable and fast, because increasing the patient throughput became a basic requirement in case of an expensive product. The used algortyhms work in computer environment, where the already known hard drives are applied. One interesting attempt could be to increase the speed of these system, using the flash-memory based the SSD drives, which appeared few years ago. This technology has many advantages instead of the hard drives: increasing performance due to the higher data access, no moving parts inside the drives, less energy needs and others. But appling only the SSD drives does not eliminate the hardware-dependency, using not the full capacity of the performance, and location-based work. The answer for these problems could be applying the virtualization.

In this thesis I tried to answer the question how could be impacted the performance of the current image processing applications, applying both and separate the SSD technology and the virtualization, what could be an optimal solution using these tools to increase the performance, decreasing above listed problems with cost-efficiency, using so called standalone workstations.


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