Integrating wearable devices into an Android-based IoT framework

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The evolution of technology provides an increasing space for wearable devices to monitor our own life functions. This information can be accessed easily with connecting to mobile devices. We can with data processing determining the health impact.

Different manufacturers provide data with different technologies and protocols. The IoT framework can process data only in a uniform form. There is a need for a mobile application that collects and transforms data from the wearable devices into the IoT framework.

The theme of my degree program is designing and implementing an Android mobile application that gives a solution to the above problem. With the application, data from different types of wearable devices can be managed uniformly in an existing IoT framework.

First, I present the requirements of the IoT framework, including user management, data download and upload, ambient data management, and evaluation of data. Then I'll show you how my application meets these requirements.

I have put special emphasis on developing a general device management architecture. In the design of the architecture, I was striving to integrate a new wearable and health device dynamically and modularly into the existing system. Finally, I will present a case study of the operation of the system with fitting an existing device.


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