Development of a Wearable Motion Monitoring Device

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Dávid Bence
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the medical professionals are not able to keep up with caring about the elderly due to their limited number. The ratio of the elderly in the population has significantly increased, hence the need for the development of home health monitoring devices, which can be used to monitor the patient's health outside the doctor's office, has emerged. Some of these devices perform an examination of the user's movement, which may be supplemented by sending an alarm during a fall.

The aim of my thesis is to develop a wearable, cost-effective, energy-efficient motion monitoring and fall detection device that communicates wirelessly with a client application, the development of which is also part of the task. After the receiving the measured data, the client application stores it in a database, which is accessible from a cloud service as well.

In the first part of the thesis the currently used motion tracking and fall detection methods are introduced, as well as the operation of the extremely low-power Bluetooth Low Energy communication protocol. Then the implementation of the prototype and the client application is presented. Finally the thesis ends with the results obtained during the testing and the summary of my work in the semester.


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