Feed-back based gesture detection system

OData support
Dr. Pataki Béla József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

I started my work with research, which contained an overview about HCI equipment and the most common image processing algorithms.

HCI is researched since the 70’s and many types of equipment were made on different principles. Most of them were gloves until 2010 but they didn’t give such good interaction performance (there were problems with accuracy or calibration) and they weren’t cheap enough for a common user. Last years’ developers made devices with visual input like Kinect or Leap Motion, and the non-visual armband Myo. Mostly after the Kinect’s success started the research of new technologies but so far none of them had competitive success.

Although these last devices are closer to a regular user’s budget, my goal was to create a system that uses already existing devices. For that I overviewed previous researches with similar goals. I analyzed the most common algorithms by their robustness and speed. I looked for developer libraries that support image processing and researched feedback methods to help the user to learn the use of the system.


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