Development of a web-based application and a mobile client for organizing and managing sailing regattas

OData support
Hosszu Éva
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The current thesis describes a system designed to aid sailing contestants and race organizers, and also its required theretical background.

The system can be separated into two main modules: the software client, which is running on the smartphone, and server side application, which supplies the clients with data.

To understand how the system works first some key knowledge of sailing and general sailing regatta rules will be introduced to fill in all readers who are not familiar with this sport. It is followed by a short analysis of the software existing nowadays in the market. After that I sumarize the developing enviroment and the applied technologies.

After the theoretical summary, the thesis explains each component of the system-server and client - specification. After that come the more interesting steps of implementation and problems during the program development. At the end of the paper the finished system is presented, also with the process of testing, and a short evaluation of the results.


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