Simulation and rendering of open water

OData support
Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The simulation and rendering of open water is an important area of computer technology and computer graphics.

There is a growing need for a realistic representation of water in movies (The Abyss, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Waterworld… etc), games (Skyrim, Crysis 3, World of Tanks… etc) and virtual reality. Ocean modelling with an "infinite" surface with "infinite" particles and wave components is a very complicated task due to the complexity of algorithms and to the computation of the calculations.

In this thesis I review the necessary fundamentals which are essential to understand this area, and I present the most popular techniques that are used to solve the problem of water simulation. I also go into details about all the different aspects of the issue of water simulation.

I implement the simulation and rendering of water with large surface using the formula-based, procedural modeling, and I animate a swimming object (ship).

Finally I demonstrate the operation and performance of the program.


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