Visual data flow editor on Oracle platform

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis I present the completion of the first phase of the visual dataflow editor applications life cycle, made by me in the data mining group at IQSYS Zrt. The applications life cycle’s first phase begins with figuring out the basics, and ends with the completion of a demo version. The work is quite innovative, because the data mining group’s main profile is data mining and building data warehouses, application development is a newish task there.

In the first, theoretical part I explain the basic concepts of the application; I write about its planned place on the market, I collect the possible requirements that apply to a visual dataflow editor. I present a prevalent, good visual data manipulation application to show the possibilities, how an application like this can be made. After that, there’s written about the concrete specification of needs, technologies and of course I justify all the decisions. Creating an application in work environment comes with a considerable amount of rules and regulations, I write about those in the end of the theoretical part.

In the second part, the planning and implementation work phase is introduced in details. I write about how important a thorough planning is, that defines the quality of later work. I introduce the planning difficulties, and write about all the decisions I made in details. Planning the workflow was also an important activity, for a good team work in a later phase of the applications life cycle.

In the end, I detail how the applications I produce and finish the demo application. I show the interesting code parts and the best practices I used. I also write in details about how the work followed the rules and conceptions of the earlier planning.

In the end, I show some screenshots about the finished demo application.


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