Visualization software development for KNX building management system

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Novák Balázs
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The demand for smart building management systems is growing continuously. Due to the high investment costs, in recent years they mainly served the purpose of comfort and luxury. Now, however, there are new goals in designing, building and maintaining commercial and residential properties of all sizes. The manufacturers focus on energy-saving, cost efficiency and safety aspects.

The KNX/EIB system is one of the most common intelligent building control systems in Europe. The reason of the double name that initially the EIB (European Installation Bus) was in use, while today the KNX (from the organization of KONNEX) is the official. Both names are used in the literature.

My diploma work focuses on visualization of the bus system. Using such a software gives us the most possibilities in equipment monitoring and control. The user has even more options, if the software can be customized to various needs. This is the difference between the simple LCD wall displays and a computer software, which is capable of much more complex tasks.

In my diploma work, first I summarize the characteristics of KNX systems, since this knowledge is needed to understand the working of the visualization software. I pay particular attention to the communication on the bus. After that, I explain the method used to connect the PC to the bus, which was a milestone in developing the program. Then I write about the visualization software, which was made before my work.

In the end I introduce the newly developed program. This includes the dynamic management of the number of devices, the run-time setting of their properties, adding new features to the software, as well as designing the new appearance.


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