Implementation of a VoIP training network

OData support
Kulik Ivett
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The topic of my thesis is about the Voice over Internet Protocol, which is one of the most important areas of information technologies in our days. The network infrastructure could be simplified and significant cost could be saved with integration of these platforms.

My main task was an implementation of a VoIP training network which can demonstrate the most popular voice technologies. In the first part of my thesis are shown highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of the most important Voice over IP solutions, and are described how they works. I presented the opportunities provided by virtualization solutions, especially the details of server virtualization and specifically the solutions provided by the VMware company (like VMware server and ESX).

I designed and implemented a laboratory environment which is mainly based on Cisco platform, and many VoIP technology’s structure, operation, configuration and fault tolerance could be examined over it. I was setting up a virtualization platform for running the servers using VMware ESXi. I configured necessary devices, gateways, routers and switches, and set the centers used according to the pre-designed topology.

I tested different voice codecs’ behaviours in simulated network conditions, and investigated messages sent by well-known signaling protocols, like SIP, H.323 and SCCP. Finally, I analyzed and evaluated collected test results.


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