Installation and Integration of Voice over IP Systems

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The essential task of the thesis project was to acquire the knowledge of how the VolP systems work and to show a VoIP system setup, and what are the operating company’s needs – the requirement assessment process – through a concrete example. While demonstrating the requirement’s assessment process I will address the most important questions, which definitely should be answered.

In addition to this, I will verify, what are the essential points to be considered by a company in a process of choosing a VoIP PBX provider (manufacturer). I demonstrate the decision making process through a chart that I created for specifically this purpose.

After selecting the appropriate system I will show the basic configuration steps of the system on a concrete example, step by step.. After configuring the setting I will incorporate the created system in the company's already workin system and environment, demonstrating in particular in which units’ which functions are needed to be configurated. Finally, I will validate the operation of the system by placing some test calls.

The thesis contains important information for those not familiar with VoIP technology but willing to understand it, and at the same time is written as a guide for system administrators who want to acquire skills in the Cisco Unified CallManager installations and basic functions settings.


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