Line edge tracking and line discontinuity detection with mobile robots

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology


Nowdays there is increasing amount of interest in mobile robots that can independently follow lines. That is not suprising, considering that these robots can offer several application possibilities. One of these prosbective uses is that they could reach and move various products in a warehouse without human intervention, or the application of automatic guides that are transported on a linefollowing robortplatform in a future intelligent museum, and many other options. Several factors can interfere with the movement while following a line, such as another robot or object standing in the way, or that the line is interrupted.

In my thesis I am discussing how the robot should proceed in case the line is discontinued, and how it should return to it if the line reappears.

During this project the robot became capable of following a line with one or two sensors connected to the robot near to the floor, estimating the curvature vector that should be pursued, continuing on this estimated curvature if it left the line, and returning to the line if it reappears.

The testing took place at the Laboratory of Intelligent Robots at the Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, wehere the above-mentioned scenarios were simulated. The robot was programmed in LabVIEW enviroment, the obsevations and result are also included in this thesis.


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