Possible usage scenarios of barcodes with mobile phones

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Even though the history of barcodes began around 1950, they fill a dominant role in the field of commerce, industry and logistics, and generally in every aspect of life up to now. These simple, yet complex codes managed to integrate into everyday life at such a level, that life in the modern society is simply unimaginable without them.

The world of science develops rapidly and continuously, however, this technology remained the same over the years. Newer and newer computer technologies emerged, but barcodes handled the challenge of the ever-changing technological environment. Today, handheld devices are the most common commercial computers, thus barcodes are required to adopt to the new mobile environment.

Although it is indeed a difficult task to satisfy modern needs. The purpose of my thesis is to investigate the utilization opportunities of barcodes in a mobile environment, to gather information on the currently available techniques and scientific results, and to show an instance of mobile usage.

My thesis begins with the introduction of the scientific background of the topic, and details relevant related works.

This is followed by the presentation of the software development process and the technical decisions regarding application design. The necessary information and the utilized components are also detailed.

My thesis is concluded by possible future continuations of my scientific work.


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