Development of line following robot to RobonAUT 2012 contest

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Varga Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

On 14 January 2012 will be held for the third time the competition called Robonaut. The aim of the competition, that the student on the university nearing the end of the master course accept a challenge on a competition like that, where they can use of all of their knowledge until now in the framework of a complex planning and team organization task. All teams have to start an autonomous robot planned by them on this competition. This robot must go through a race-track which is made up of defined elements. The competition tasks go through changes insuring the diverse environment, which is newer, and newer, so in each single year the participants inspired to make new solutions.

The aim of the thesis to build one on the competition participant prototype robot. Orienting on the race-track while it has to accomplish different tasks has to be capable for the robot. Line following and detecting the objects settling down in the race-track are the most fundamental tasks.

To make the prototype robot a car model and a microcontroller were given. We planned the electronics of the robot after the survey of the tasks. It was necessary to write the program system accomplishing the tasks after the completion of the hardware and its testing. The mechanics forming of the robot was our task too.

We go into detail about all working phases in the thesis. We outline the important elements of the planning and realization in detail. Finally, we summarize the properties of the full system, we draw the conclusions, and we examine the possibilities of any further developments.


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