Remote control of power supply of electrified traction line system (FET)

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In this rapidly changing world, the need of a fast and safe public transport is increasing dramatically. Not only for people, living in the agglomeration and commuting to work, but also for numerous delivery firms which are often crossing the country using railway to transport their cargo, In these cases, secure electricity supply is essential for electrified railway lines.

Until 2005, several realization of Energy Remote Control equipment (FET) had been deployed in Hungary. After that, standardization and modernization has been started with the aims of safer railway operation management, integrated handling and to close up to countries, which are using modern techniques.

In my thesis, first, I examine the requirements of the FET systems and present an operating FET system for comparison.

After that, I review the operation of the ACCS system (a product of Prolan Process Control Co.) and explain, how to use the individual programs.

Then, I did the parameterization of the ACCS system, using the shown programs. I explained the parametrization's effects on the real-time viewer.

Finally, I checked and tested the system and proved, that it is suitable to operate.


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