Tow rope direction estimator system

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In the first part of my thesis I attempted to get acquainted with the requirement list of one of the ship manufacturer companies. This document listed those functions which have to be met by our designed system. Based on the criteria I analyzed both the available sensors and their behavior. After the market research a measurement system was designed which can measure the tow line angle.

In the further sections of my thesis I examined this measurement system’s feasibility and operability. I built a test bench, where I could carry out the development of my stereo vision application. In the second part of my work I got familiar with the fundamentals of image processing and with some algorithms relevant to me to produce a demo version of the measurement system’s basic functionality.

In the third phase of the project I worked on my own algorithm, which is able to measure the necessary tow line angle vertically and horizontally.

The last subtask was the analysis of the achieved results, and then the feasibility was considered in possession of the new information.

Finally the opportunities of further improvement were described with possible directions for development.


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