Calculation of attractive space by numerical method

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The purpose of lightning protection is to protect an object from dangerous lightning strikes. The primary lightning protection realizes this by using a Franklin rod to conduct the lightning current to the ground. The Probability Modulated Collection Volume method describes the Franklin rod's level of protection.

In regular cases the required calculations can be performed in an analytical way. However while evaluating more detailed models, the application of numeric methods is necessary. Today’s advanced technology provides the possibility to execute these calculations in high resolution. Based on the results the comparison of different lightning rod structures becomes possible as well.

The high voltage power lines are extremely sensitive to lightning striking the phase conductor. In the past years’ technical and economic competition it is required to eliminate every risk as much as possible. This means that the position of the Franklin rod has to be optimized as well.

In this thesis I evaluate several conductor layouts after defining the basics of lightning protection. I use the finite volume method as a numerical method for the calculation. I compare the results with the available statistical data. Finally I assess the causes of the difference with particular emphasis on the curves and the surroundings.


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