Calculation of attraction space using numerical method for transmission line towers

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The concept of lightning protection is well-known (by almost everyone) since people have long been dealing with the phenomenon of lightning. With the development of science and Franklin’s experimental bases the exploration of physical properties of lightning, their formation and the process of thunderbolt started. This is essential for building an effective lightning protection system that has a security close to the maximum.

The base of my subject was chosen to be the attraction space of power lines as nowadays human race is completely dependent on the electricity supply. A minor loss can put human lives at risk moreover can cause huge property damage as well. As the standards became more precise and the calculating systems developed new opportunities evolved for the transmission line maintenance work and it also generated a new young scope of lightning protection. The former one is live line maintenance, while the latter is preventive lightning protection. The combination of these two makes up a very safe and maximally effective system with which the maintenance work can be done with protecting human lives at high security. For the preventive lightning protection the detection of dangerous thunderstorm cells and also the formation of a danger and indicator zone around the object to be protected are critical.

With the development of computers the methods that require numerical calculations were re-evaluated, which 20 years ago seemed almost inevitable concerning their necessity of calculations can be carried out today by a common computer without any major difficulties and are able to give more accurate results than the general approximate methods. A further advantage of numerical calculations is that with the programs carrying out the calculations the demonstration can be resolved simultaneously. In the above mentioned complex system the use of such a method can increase the efficacy of the whole system thus yielding a more accurate formation of danger and indicator zone by the help of numerically calculated attraction space.


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