Performance measurement of WCF web services

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the last couple of years the demand has been growing to interconnect enterprise systems run on various platforms. This is helped by the increasingly popular new generation paradigm of distributed computing, called Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) which draws the rules to perform this task.

A realization of the SOA is done with the technology of web services. Web services behave as a reusable (independent from the environment), self-contained component in a distributed system which have a standardized interface.

Web services communicate with SOAP XML format messages. SOAP is a standardized, platform-independent communication protocol which aims to interchange data in distributed environment. The messages are sent in text format, usually over HTTP. Parsing of the SOAP messages generate a quite big overhead. This is especially true if the called web service uses one or more WS-* standard. Thus it is required to measure this overhead, so using the results it can be estimated.

This thesis deals with the .NET-based web services implementation, the Windows Communication Foundation’s (WCF) message parsing performance. Using representative web services, from the results of some appropriate measures the response time can be estimated of a web service that uses a certain data structure. This estimation can be utilized when designing web services.


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