Automated User Interface Testing for WPF Applications

OData support
Cserkúti Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The theme of my thesis was the automation testing of graphical user interfaces, especially those created by using Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation technology. The main goal was to create a software that can be used to make up test cases and then try to run those. Finally, the software had to be able to compare the expected results with the output of the tests. Using automated tests can detect not only the deficiences of the user interface, but it’s also good to expose major faults of the application.

Testing the user interface of an application is essential. During developement, programmers should check all the combinations of user interactions on the user interface. As graphical user interfaces (GUI) improved over the years, more and more possibilities were given to the user. It’s neigh on impossoble to check all the combinations of user inputs, that’s why an automation test software would be really helpful.

Manual testing is a bit slow process, and it’s more easy to overlook a problem. That’s why the most basic and common opearations have to be automated, for example clicking on a button, login, resize a window or writing something into a textbox. Also often occurs, when a product produce different errors in different test environments. That’s why softwares are tested on severel different sytems before the final release, but this also means, that the same test scenarios have to be done over and over again. Using an automation test software would solve this problem, because the only thing to do is install the testing application, create the test cases then execute them. Automation softwares are also gives more mobility, because it can test GUIs remotely.

My thesis was inspired mostly by the thoughts mentioned above. The application developed throughout this semester can test user interfaces created in WPF and WinForms. The software was created for a company, that will use this automation framework as the basic of its own testing application.


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