Developing a WPF image viewer application with Live Photos support

OData support
Cserkúti Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowdays Apple has a serious mobile market share. The most popular phone is the Iphone, and every year a big percentage of the costumers changes to the newest model. That’s why the new features that are present in the new OS cannot be neglected. The Live Photos, first present in IOS9, expend the concept of photo. The camera records a little movie that takes place before and after the photo was taken, so the image can „come alive”. So one Live Photo means a MOV movie and a high quality image.

This new feature is available on the phone itself, and on Mac devices. On Windows PC only the separate files can be opened. In my thesis, I focus on the WPF technology, that is perfect for writing an image browser application, that supports the new feature. With it I was able to create a user interface that reaches up to today’s standards. It was also an objective to use the MVVM structure during the developement.

The completed program is able to browse photos, show them full screen, put them on a map according to where they were taken. It allows to upload the photos to Facebook, browse their metadata, and has basic and advanced image editing capabilities. For the later it uses an OpenCV module written in C++, which it reads from a DLL. For this purpose i wrote a wrapper, which makes a gate between native and managed programming languages.


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