Power Amplifier for Wavefield Synthesis

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Dr. Márki Ferenc
Department of Networked Systems and Services

There have continuously been new technical developments in the last decades with which we have been trying to reproduce reality. This development has not stopped recently either. Wavefield Synthesis is one of these new technologies. The purpose of this system - compared to the psychoacoustic system - is to reinstate the original atmosphere of the recording in all points of the area.

One of the speciality of this method is that it uses a high number of speakers driven by different signals. My task is to create an amplifier that can support the high number of speakers and meets the criteria.

In my thesis, I study the various output stage types, including the A, B, AB and D class amplifiers. I am going to choose the best possible class for my purposes and then I am going to plan the amplifier. I will then take all the planning stages. I will choose the main components, I will plan the necessary circuit and I will draw the schematic diagram. I will examine the best possible solution for creating more channels in the most efficient way. I will then draw a schematic for one of the modules of the amplifier along with the PCB layout. This equipment will need special requirements towards the casing, therefore I will plan this according the special needs.

Before going into mass production, I will create a prototype which I will use for measuring the different characteristics in the sound frequencies. If the prototype suits the requirements, then the original plans can be transferred to production. The aim of this thesis is a measured, tested device that is ready for mass production.


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