Application of Web Technologies in Robot Operation System

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Dr. Molnár Sándor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, the usage of web technologies like HTML5 and Javascript is commonplace.

They are used in applications ranging from simple office software (text, spreadsheet, and

presentation editors) to payroll processing software or even database management software.

Applications written using web technologies are platform-independent, the user only

needs a web browser to access them. Applications created using web technologies can be

deployed anywhere, and some would argue that they are easier to develop.

Robotics is also a rapidly developing field, especially in medical and industrial fields.

One of the many robotics frameworks, that makes it easier to develop robot software,

is the Robotic Operating System. It is also multiplatform and open-source, and it has a

large, active community.

In this thesis, first I give a review on the Robotic Operating System, I describe in

detail how it is constructed, what features it has and how it operates.

Then, I present a robot control system I assembled together that incorporates Robot

Operating System components and components running in a web browser. The system

contains several components that are publicly available and were developed by the ROS

community. However, some parts of the system (e.g. the website) were written by me several different programming languages. The system contains three web applications I wrote.

The system is using a recent web technology, the Websocket protocol to communicate with

the web application.

Using the system, it is possible to control a robot arm using the web applications.

The web applications are capable running on a smartphone. This is even recommended,

because two web application can use the smartphone’s gyroscope to control the robot. In

my thesis, I describe in detail the implementation of this system.

Finally, in this thesis, I measure the difference in network performance between using

Websocket and the communication protocol of ROS, TCPROS.


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