Development of a web-based automated homework management system

OData support
Braun Patrik János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There are plenty of opportunities to develop web applications today. Until now, my university studies did not deal with such technologies, so I took this topice to make a move for a completely new direction in my degree.

On project laboratories I have worked on Android projects and applications, in addition, I also attended the Android-based Software Development class, which on the first hand this web-based automated homework management system is developed. On this class, there is a lab for each week of the actual semester, so thath means a total of 14 small homework tasks need to be solved and uploaded for each and every student. And also the teachers have to evaluate all of them. It takes a lot of time to check these solutions, because the instructors have to download every piece of homework, then unpack them and after that build and run the applications to completely review the homeworks. It requires a lot of time to perform these tasks even for a class with a small number.

Therefore, it would be a really good idea to have a homework site where we could unpack the uploaded applications, unpack them, and immediately make the runnable apk-s available for the Android devices. In addition the instructors could write and run various number of control scripts for every homework task, to check the correctness of the solutions. In addition, the students would be given immediate feedback as to whether the solution was acceptable or not.

My primary goal is to accomplish this project for my diploma thesis, and to become acquainted with the widespread technologies around the web development and also gain as much knowledge as i can, so that I can use it up later in my career.


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