Development of web based dashboard for remote monitoring and maintenance of DirX services

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

This BSc thesis concerns the development of a web-based dashboard application that intends to enable remote maintenance and monitoring of Atos DirX services over distributed Unix environments. The developed DirX Dashboard is capable of dynamically loading and displaying configured systems and processes; query and display their statuses (connected or offline; running, terminated, etc.) and finally, performing actions on the defined processes by using preconfigured, shell based commands over SSH connection.

In order to define the structure, layout and exact features of the application I discussed dashboards and DirX services in three chapters. In chapter 2, an overview of dashboards in general is given to understand the common functions and features of dashboards used for remote services management, which in turn influenced the user interface of the DirX Dashboard. In chapters 3 and 4, a summary of the main features and command line management tools of DirX Directory and DirX Identity services is presented according to the official documentation to display the capability of the implemented solution in regard to these Identity and Access Management products.

I present the detailed documentation of the developed application in chapter 5 and discuss the technologies and frameworks used for the implementation. The latter include a Java-based back-end - that runs on an Apache Tomcat server - with a Jersey REST server, a JAXB XML unmarshalling component and a JSch SSH component. The front-end’s REST client single-page application was realized with Angular 2.0, HTML and CSS.

Finally, a short summary of the experiences gained through testing the application is provided along with some further development options.


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