Developing web-based network monitoring system for MikroTik devices

OData support
Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The monitoring system is important in an extensive network. Administrators will have access to equipment and network status by this system. These data must be presented in clear and simple form. We expect this system to notify us of any outstanding issues, and events.

This thesis is about a web-based monitoring system, that I developed using PHP and SNMP. This application is not only responsible for collecting the data, but also for storing it and presenting it for the users. After carefully investigating the network elements, I designed and then developed the monitoring system, tested and verified the proper operation of its functions.

The application can be used to monitor the devices and central server in an extensive network, with some limitations. In the end, I can say that the development of the application was a success, it works properly in a specific network.


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