Implementation of a web based social portal via integrating different technologies

OData support
Dr. Vidács Attila
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In the last few years the role of social networking sites increased greatly in our everyday life. The users’ expectations give developers newer and newer ideas and challenges. Since the large number of users can promise high revenues, it may be considered to create a new one using a good idea.

The base of most social networking sites are very similar: by registering to the site people can create a new user profile, they can fill out their basic data and upload photos. The essence of a social site is that users can interact with each other: they can communicate by the use of chat, they can also publish their thoughts, statuses. In my thesis I am going to present the planning, implementation and testing of these basic features of a social site I created.

During the process I had to choose between the use of different software and technologies, like the database management system, the server side framework and the client side libraries. The thesis will present the making and result of these decisions.

To make the business logic organized I decided by the use of a framework. In my thesis I presented and compared three server side frameworks, presenting the chosen system in more detail based on my code.

The client side JavaScript libraries made coding easy, kept the code logical and quick to write. In the thesis I presented a couple of these libraries and the use of them in my client side code.

Finally the reader will be introduced to the user interface of the social site.


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