Web-based framework to support the preparation of educational material

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the development and global presence of digital technology have been a huge impact on all areas of life, such as the fields of education.

My thesis is about the implementation of the prototype of a web-based educational application, which provides great support for the Android application implementing the AdaptEd framework. The web application provides a maintainable interface for the users (typically teachers) in order to be able to easily create and edit educational exercises.

In my thesis I describe the significant role of the project with its great amount of advantages, the architecture of the system and its components. Then I briefly present the important development technologies which I managed to get familiar with during my work and expound the design and implementation tasks of the web application. Finally I shortly discuss the results and the acceptance of the application being tested in a real environment.

During my work I managed to be a part of the implementation of a product being developed for real use. I acquired knowledge in the development process of a big and complex application, I got familiar with the simultaneous work with multiple developers on the same project and I experienced the pros and cons of working in a team.

I had the opportunity to deal with the further development of an application, which provides significant help for children suffering from learning disorders and due to the adaptivity of the educational games, it supports the students' education with particular care.


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