Web based real-time dashboard system

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

With the continous development of the modern Internet, the ammount of exchanged data followed. These huge buch of raw data cannot be interpreted by humans efficently. Besides this, users started to require custom needs, which need to be dealt with.

The so called “Dash board” applications can help on both of these. preseting the information in a rich visual form can help the users most. We recieve the raw data then processing them can start. During this data conversion, the main goal is to make this data digestable to the end users as much as possible. At the end these simplified and enriched data will be presented to the users via the dashboard.

The accelered growth of user on the Internet must be followed by more sophisticted customization. A good dashboard application allows the user to cutomisations which will suit him/her the best by chhose the most desired data points and the best presentation of data. Altering these parameters during regural usage also should be an important aspect of the application.

Today we cannot deny the existance of social networks and the effect they have on us. People share more and more things about them, therefore they demand to this outside of traditional social networks, thus our application must incorporate these features as well. To make thing even more confortabel, the shared dashboard shouls be configurable to an extend even after it was shared to friend and the world. In this case we need to make sure they can acces data only we allow them during the share process.

I introduce the evolution of web in the first chapter. In the second chapter, I write about the importance of dashboards and analyze the currently available dashboard systems. In the third chapter, I introduce the design of my own system and based on these ideas I demonstrate the implemented application in the fourth chapter. Through the fifth chapter I put the test mechanism and test results of my application in perspective.


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