Java web application development using java networking in distributed environment

OData support
Pálfy Miklós Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays there are lots of good frameworks, and programming languages which can be used for server side development, which only require a database server and an application server to function in one place, under one logical unit. The problem with this architecture is that the parts of the application are less modular, and harder to replace

During this course, I will get to know the architecture of the distributed systems, the techniques used to transmit data objects over networks, the client-server architecture, the principles of the object oriented programming, the Model-View-Controller structure, and in a coding standpoint, the important Clean Code principals.

During this course I will create a blog web application, which will be separated into three different parts, and all parts can be used alone, providing modularity to the application.

An important part in developing the application will be to choose the right programming language, the right data transmitting technique, and the right database server. An important part will be to choose the right architecture of the application, to choose the right frameworks, and to provide an encryption to the messages transmitted over the network. During development the three tiers of the application will be easy separable.

During the testing procedure, I am going to focus on using automated testing methods.


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