Analyzing web traffic with NoSQL databases

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The need for storing ordered data occured together with the appearance of computers, because they basically work with data, which can be either bits, numbers, texts or complex data structures, pictures and other files. As early as the twentieth century several different database management systems have been developed, which used different data models and offered solutions for the data storage related problems of the given age.

Nowadays we already know that the most durable solutions were the relational database management systems, which have been appeared early in 70s and became the dominant technology of the data storage. The cause of this dominance could be the stable and general query language, which has a well-founded mathematical model and is known as SQL.

However, the information technology is a rapidly changing discipline, but these fast changes could not be perceptible in data storage before the millennium. In our days it is important to notice that the long-standing technologies can not always provide an effective solution anymore, because of the fast changing of the conditions. After recognizing this process, new and more modern technologies have appeared in the early 2000s, which could be known as NoSQL databases.

In my thesis I will review the different NoSQL technologies through an example, in which real web traffic data will be stored and processed. I will compare the advantages and disadvantages of the technologies with the relational databases through performance tests. I will present the data models and the support of distributed data storage of the different systems. I would note that the main subject of my thesis is the cognition and comparison of the data storage technologies, the web traffic data will only serve as data source.


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