Webportal development using ASP.NET technology

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, those applications that simplify and shorten our time consuming everyday tasks are gaining more and more ground. These applications include webshops, which make the shopping more comfortable for everyone. In most cases these webshops contain not only the necessary services for a simple shopping procedure, but other complex services, that give users a more secure and comfortable feeling (e.g. authentication, secure payment, encrypted communication with the application server etc.).

The development of a proper application which is capable of fulfilling these needs is a much more difficult task than the development of a simple website. Fortunately, there are plenty of available platforms and frameworks which can help us to do more complex and more time-consuming tasks in less time, so we can pay more attention to properly design and develop our application.

The purpose of this dissertation is to present the designing process and the implementation of a webshop, which through I demonstrate some of the functions and novelties of the modern ASP.NET Core framework, which is perfect for developing applications that can provide similarly complex tasks. Among of the used functions there are many which offer some additional services, in the point of view of users, developers and operators; that nowadays are basic needs such as e-mail communication or logging.

The dissertation gives a review not only for those who can already use the functions of the previous ASP.NET versions confidently, but for those, who just got to know the framework.


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