Developing and testing web portal in the cloud for TeleCalm system

OData support
Dr. Györke Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This document is about my work with the BME - Healthcare Technologies Knowledge Center what have been done to develop on the TeleCalm home care application. Elderly people have a regular daily routine and if they do something differently that can be a sign about a problem so maybe they need more attention or help. The goal of the TeleCalm project is to send - with the help of the modern info-communication technologies - a sign to the elderly user's family that he/she is all right, everything is as regular. The installed sensors send the data to a gateway device (it can be a regular PC or a Raspberry PI) which forwards it to the the server. Other users connect with their smartphones or tablets to this server to get the informations.

This document contains more topics, what are useful to give an answer to the project's actual challenges. I present in this document the basics of the cloud technology; the decision algorithm which is using the fuzzy technology and provide the ability to send the 'everything is OK' message and a continuous integrity system what supports the process of the development.


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