Web2.0 community-building for elderly people

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Dr. Hanák Péter
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The subject of my thesis is the Web2.0 community-building that has a special target audience, the elderly people. This is an actual problem of the information technology, because the developed countries are ageing, therefore we need web applications, which serve elderly people.

I must analyze some similar webpages to create a suitable portal for the target audience. In the first chapter I scrutinize and compare these sites according to what purpose they serve. Then I have a look at two pages, which have the same objective as my issue. During the review I summarize the functions, take a look at the joining, and mention the usability, which is more important for the users.

In the next chapter I summarize the important requirements, analyze the threats, which I must take care of during the designing, and I present the implementable functions.

After that I specify the application, and I make decisions to satisfying the claims of the audience. During the design I sketch up the significant user interfaces, and I pay attention to the webergonomics.

In the penultimate chapter I implement some of the representative elements of my system, for example the homepage with the newsfeed or the registration.

In the last chapter I refer to the results, I summarize my experiences about the development, and I notice the further possibilities of improvements, for example the functions that are not realized or the innovation of the implemented system components.


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