Developing a WebGL adventure game with Typescript

OData support
Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The following thesis aims to demonstrate the capabilities of modern web browsers and the possibilities in developing a game for the web. This was achieved through an adventure game using special and common solutions in game development with a WebGL framework.

The main emphasis of the thesis is on exploring the vast possibilities and common problems encountered in the environment rather than solving an in-depth problem regarding game development. This means that – as the scope of this thesis allows me – did not have the possibility to explore every detail of every problem. However, most problems required thorough knowledge of the specific area, which meant that I had the opportunity to widen my spectrum of knowledge. The problems and their solutions are presented in a manner that is clear for most IT-educated reader.

The games of have such complexity and performance that they require competence in the field as well as wide spectrum of knowledge and most of all the ability to learn the novelties yet to come. In the making of this thesis I had the privilege of learning many new things and, provided I will have my professional careers along this path, I have gained some useful knowledge. Finally, I have provided my solutions to some special problems thus the readers can build on these when necessary.


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