Web-based tool development for industrial purposes

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The importance of web based applications shows continuous increase nowadays. Only a decade ago, it seemed impossible for a social networking site to gather users around itself numbering in tens of millions, or for a few games played through the Internet to practically chain people in front of the monitor who are not, if viewed strictly, part of the gamer community.

But not only the public community uses web based applications during their everyday life. Companies that work in research and development see them as the means of spreading information with high speed or the optimal tool for exchanging data among their employees.

This document describes the development process of one such web based tool at one of the largest telecommunication gearmaker company, Nokia Siemens Networks.

The aim of the project was the creation of an application that makes the outcome of one step of the fault correction process available to all interested personnel. The end product also has to fit additional requirements: it has to use Free, Open Sourced technologies whenever available, interworking with already existing services in the company and easy usability. Also, introducing additional features to the application should be made as easy as possible.

This thesis work shows the development process of an application that uses the PHP, Smarty and JavaScript programming languages in order to fit those requirements, with emphasis on the different decisions that have to be made during the creation of such a product, and the reasons behind them.


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