Developement of web-based prosody teaching software

OData support
Dr. Sztahó Dávid
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The proper prosody is an essential element of the natural speech. The rhythm,

intonation (cadence), and tone of the speech hugely determine how well others

understand us. In case of children having difficulties with hearing, it is almost an

impossible challange to learn the proper prosody. Because of this disability in hearing,

they lack the necessary proper feedback, which normally makes it possible to learn

prosody for hearing people.

In the frames of my thesis work I created a website whose main purpose is to

replace this missing feedback as good as possible, providing an audiovisual feedback.

The main point of the feedback is the visualisation of different speech-related terms

such as intonation or volume.

At the beginning of my thesis I will introduce the importance of this project as

well as the relating theoretical knowledge, from which one can get a good view on the

challenges we have to meet when attempting to measure or describe the human speech


Then we will move to the next and biggest topic, the detailed description of the

website, including the user interface, the server, the client, the database, and the

communication between them.

After the highly-detailed technological analyse potential developmentpossibilities will be considered - which issues might be needed to overcome later on.

To finish with, I will sum the work again up.


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