Web-based invoicing software with high integrational capabilities

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

My task in my thesis was to examine the current law related to invoicing, then - with the possession of the gained knowledge – to design and implement a web-based invoicing system.

I did not have to start my research of the technologies used during the development of web applications from the basics, as during my previous studies I had had the chance to acquire them.

Gaining knowledge about the law and technologies was followed by planning. Firstly, I formed the architecture, then I designed the certain components step by step. After forming the data model I developed the business logic function, then finally the planning phase was ended with the designing of the user interface.

I implemented the particular components according to the previously prepared plans. After finishing the developing phase I started a comprehensive testing by putting a great emphasis on the integration processes.

In my opinion, the completed application supports appropriately the demands of the online focusing small and medium enterprises.


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