Converting web application to mobile application using Progressive Web Apps

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Dr. Kápolnai Richárd Péter
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The global spread of mobile devices changed our everyday life and recent technology in many ways. Although their performance is still low compared to modern desktop computers, they tend to take their role in some situations. The different mobile platforms brought new challenges into the world of software development.

A ’good’ mobile application has to satisfy customer demands like speed, stability, easy usage, stunning appearance. Moreover, to reach a wide segment of users, it has to be available on multiple platforms.

Developing a unique application for each platform requires extremely large amount of resources, therefore using a technology that covers the differences of distinct platforms is a considerable option.

The web acts as a solid interface across different platforms, but web applications lack some features that native application provide. The lack of these features can break down user experience, narrow the set of available options like offline usage or installability. Progressive Web Apps is a technology supported by Google, which tries to erase these limits using innovative software development methodologies.

In this paper I demonstrate the alterations I made to the marketing automation platform called Automizy following PWA guidelines. I describe in details all the technologies I used, other multiplatform alternatives, the planning and execution process, and opportunities of further improvement. My goal was refactoring the codebase of the software in order to make it meet the modern UX standards and user demands, while keeping all its functions intact.

Altering an already functioning software brought up several challenges, but by using PWA techonolies, I managed to create a new, user-friendly UI, making the software app-like, and remarkably increase its performance and speed.


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