Web application development for a client management system

OData support
Braun Patrik János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Managing queues nowadays is a common problem for institutions and shops, for example in hospitals, banks, etc. To solve this problem, Multimex Kft. offers a solution with a queueing system, which frees the workers in the customer service from doing this work. Customers can register themselves on ticket kiosks into the system, then the administrators can call them with one click in chronological order or by a specific rule they made.

Multimex Kft. offers a self-developed system for its customers. The system was made a long time ago, they tried to keep it up-to-date with continuous management and with new functions, but the technologies they used, when they were creating the system, are deprecated today. Because of this, they started to rewrite the modules of the system from scratch with the latest technologies and with the experiences gained in the past.

In this document, I am discussing the system part which is used by the administrators in the customer services, it is called Terminal. The plan was to create a brand new, responsive user interface, designed with the help of the old Terminal users’ feedbacks, new functions that make the usage easier, faster and improve the quality of the source code.

The result became an application with high quality design that helps the users to track transactions easier. The network usage is greatly reduced, the background logic is simplified, so the overall performance of the application is increased. Thanks to the logical organization of the application’s code, the project’s perspicuity became much better, so the future development will be much easier and faster.

I gained lots of experience in connection with several technologies while I was working on this project that can be usefully in the future.


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