Developing Web Application with MeteorJS

OData support
Ercsényi András
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Informatics has played a helper role in the advancement in many disciplines. Starting with the first military applications and until today’s health care or banking related software it speeds up our daily tasks, and opens the door to new possibilities that we have not even dreamed about before. Informatics is getting a bigger and bigger role in our daily lives and helps our work in more and more ways. Despite all this, there are still a lot of workplaces, where people use paper based solutions.

As IT based solutions advance, they become feasible in more areas, where they were impractical before. Hardware becomes smaller and its processing power increases, and software frameworks become more intelligent. These two factors combined shorten the amount of time needed to develop new software. A good example of this are Single Page Applications (SPAs) that are one of today’s hot topics. Before the 2010s no one thought that such an application can compete against a traditional desktop program. The Javascript language also was immature and some did not think highly about it (not without any reason). Nonetheless, as hardware became more capable over the years, it enabled performance heavier applications running in the browser. While the hardware performance increased, Javascript frameworks, and the language itself also became more capable. The two biggest steps for Javascript were the appearance of server side Javascript with Node.js and the ECMAScript 6 standard.

Archeology is one of the fields where there is much room for IT solutions. I encountered archeology through one of my friends. He asked me to develop a program that would allow him to record the data of excavations. Today, the data is recorded on paper while on the field, and must be digitized later in the office. After this a summary of the data is sent to the ministry. The digital form is also helpful when looking for information. Within the scope of this thesis I have created a prototype program that would solve the basic problems in his scenario. The goal is to allow recording the excavation data on the field for multiple users in the same time through a user-friendly interface.


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