Development of a web application using the Spring framework

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, there is more and more demand for complex knowledge of the Spring framework. There are lots of market leader developer companies where the thorough knowledge of the framework is a requirement, and even many years of professional experience is expected.

In the past ten years we may noticed that the Spring Framework became the one of the leading Java technology based framework in the market.

For years it has not spread, because there was the J2EE after that Java EE technology and in development of security-critical applications the Java Enterprise Edition was the main leader. Initially it was created to eliminate the weak points of other frameworks, but today all the features and functionalities are included what is needed for a complex business or web application. The framework is opensource, it is growing rapidly and it has a huge community. Due to Plain Old Java Objects the code is simple and modular. It is portable, because the application can be deployed to a web server and application server as well. It is not bounded to application server container or any application servers related services which are only available in EJB environment. Testing is also widely supported.

Within the confines of this thesis my goal was to get familiar with Spring framework, services and operation of this framework. Based on this knowledge implementing a web application.

Because the facts and arguments above I decided to choose this topic.


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