Studying of elements and evolution of web applications' user interface

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Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

When we open a website in our browser the first thing we realize is the user interface (UI). While planning different pages it is more and more important to create these interfaces well. One of the reasons why it is so important to deal with these plannings is that we can win our visitors through these designs. It influences their opinion because these are the elements they can use to interact with the functions of the site. If we have a website implemented with super functionalities but on the other hand using it is not convenient, they will not like it and we will lose most of them.

For example planning a website for a firm it is a very important point of view to seduce lots of users from the main competitions.

It is needed to plan a perscpicious and simple layout to increase the attendance. Moreover it is important to create this layout without any impenetrable and convoluted solution. Try to take care of having the same design for all subpages. It suggests that our website is well-designed with professional service.

Nowadays, in the begining of the XXI. century it is not recommended to close our eyes over social websites. We have to give chance for users to be able to share contents they can find on our sites with their friends.

In my thesis I examined the evolution of the user interfaces and showed what kind of majure questions can make our life harder during development of this kind of site. I would like to provide great experience for the users by using technologies of today.


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