Developing a webshop system with ASP.NET

OData support
Kaszó Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Over the past few years the number of internet users has been multiplied. This quick growth has caused the huge development of the web technologies. Since the publication of the WWW (World Wide Web) the development is large and dramatic. Initially, there were a lot of websites with static content, but now they are replaced with webportals with dynamic, colorful content. This large development has allowed wider use of web technologies. A webportal is able to perform complex functions, satisfying all the needs of all users (for example administration through the internet, online booking system of a hotel). Today people can find very large numbers of websites with various interesting content. Video- and photo share websites, interactive community websites, news sites, etc.

The complex functions and the presence of more and more users naturally entails the development of the infrastructure required for operation of websites. Even think of serving huge websites wih millions of daily visitors (e.g. YouTube), even think of serving the website of a small company with small network traffic.

In my essay I present the planning and the implementation of the webshop, which can perform complex functions. During the planning I have taken into consideration the shop operator’s and also the customers’ expectations.

The first section includes the presentation of the e-commerce, and the detailed description of the technologies what I used for the planning and the implementation.

In the second section I present the most important steps of the planning (database, GUI), the requirements imposed on the webshop, the modeling of processes, which take place during the usage of the webshop, the problems arising during implementation. The essay ends by opportunities for further development and future plans.


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