Web shop development over Axapta ERP system

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The Microsoft Dynamics AX (hereafter: Axapta) is a more and more widely spread Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The typical business software environment where such an ERP system is used is excessively heterogeneous. In the course of introducing a new ERP system, it is usual that the company already uses different other softwares for registration, various document formats and databases. Moreover, the business partners probably apply even more miscellaneous informational systems. In such a surrounding, it is crucial for Axapta to be capable of performing an adequate data exchange with various other systems in order to operate effectively. The solution to this problem set out by Axapta is the Application Integration Framework (AIF), which provides an interface for integration for softwares from in- and outside the company.

In the course of the present project, the structure and also the possibilities granted by AIF are scrutinized. Different operational modes and the advantages of these are displayed. I furthermore utilize services of the AIF by creating a simple webshop. This online shop works separately from Axapta and it is not a ready to use e-commerce solution for whole-scale and real usage; but its chief aim is to demonstrate the bidirectional data exchange between the Axapta and an outside operating system.

In order to achieve the targets of the project, I created two document service in AIF which provide the co-operation of the customers data and the sales orders with the webshop. I created a webshop on an outside webserver which ensures a web interface to users for purposes of customer registration, browsing among the goods, buying and also for checking the status of previous orders. This webshop is connected to the document services of AIF and it sends the registered customers data and sales orders via XML messages to Axapta. Customers can check the status of their orders which are sent by the Axapta together with the most important pieces of information (e. g. price, quantity etc.) in an XML message to the webshop.


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