Design and Implementation of an ASP.NET WebShop

OData support
Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

One of the most disadvantageous parts of our fast life’s is that people have got less and less time for other things to do near work. To make a webshop software is the solution for this.

In a webshop you can buy things by the help of computer. People won’t have to go to shops, if they would like to buy something, but they can order products from home or workplace simply, quickly, efficiently and dependably. You must only have a computer and internet connection to order something. Nowadays, it’s avaliable just in every house.

The target of my thesis paper is to demonstrate how you can create a webshop, the importance, the possibilities of the webshop and the adventages against traditional shopping. An important thing in the course of creating webshops is to demonstrate all of possibilities, that a webshop has. This means to demonstrate not just the required services of a simple user, but facilitates the work of the owner of the webshop. This means the creating of sites have simple user and administrator authorities.

During the demonstrating of my thesis paper i will pan out about the complett parts in so many words with code details, separated the sites have simple visitor, customer or administrator authorities. I’ll demonstrate the complete software with figures, in way of both administrator both user. I’ll present the development environment and the webdevelopment technology, the database as well as the next steps of development.


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